We are so proud of where Glastonbury Calling is now from where it started in 2016. The idea was to put an multi venue event on in a quiet time of year to bring people into the town for a celebration of music. This was motivated by similar events in big cities but I thought our small town could do something similar and punch well above its weight. There were other motivations, raising funds for Glastonbury FM our community radio station (of which I am a part of), and giving up and coming acts some exposure in front of good crowds who are fans of music.

Over the first three years we have raised over £6,000 for Glastonbury FM which I am immensely proud of.


On the first event we were met with a little understandable scepticism from the four venues (Hawthorns Hotel, The Bocabar/ Red Brick, The King Arthur and The Riflemans Arms) we chose but we were so grateful they stood by us and helped make it a success. We have now grown to 5 venues in our fifth year (with Tor Leisure) and added an opening party at The Bocabar on the preceding night. 


On a personal level the event would not exist without the hard work from my wife Karen and the stage managers and volunteers that make the event work. We have such a lovely community between us and the friendship we have is one of the greatest benefits of Glastonbury Calling. For me, if you come to Glastonbury Calling, have a fun time and go home having discovered one or two new acts that you really like and become a fan of we have done our job. Thanks to you all for being the heart of making the Festival successful.


Ian Liversidge

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