\\How does Glastonbury Calling work?

Glastonbury Calling is a metropolitan festival making use of the best venues across Glastonbury by filling their stages all day with exciting bands and singers. To get into all of these venues (age restriction may apply) you'll need a wristband which you can get by visiting our Wristband Exchange and swapping your ticket or e-ticket for a wristband.

When you collect your wristband you'll also get a free program which has detailed set times, a map to all venues, food and drink offers across the town, and band recommendations from local tastemakers.

We are expecting a really busy year in 2020 and venue capacities are regulated so if you are keen to see a particular band, make sure to get to the stage with plenty of time to spare to avoid disappointment.



\\When is the festival?

Glastonbury Calling takes place over 28th and 29th February 2020



\\Where is the festival?

The festival takes place in the following venues across Glastonbury. 

The Bocabar/Red Brick Building

The King Arthur

The Riflemans

The Hawthorns

Tor Leisure - All ages


\\Is there an age restriction for the festival?

The festival is a family festival, however some venues are 18+. To check the age restrictions of each venue, please see above


\\Where do I get my wristband from?

Friday 22nd - Tor Leisure/Bocabar

Saturday 23rd - Tor Leisure (all day)/The Riflemans (12:00pm-3:00pm only)


\\What if i have an e-ticket?

You'll still need to head to the wristband exchange. Just bring your booking confirmation number and ID, and you'll be able to swop this for a wristband



\\Can I pick up a wristband for my friend?

Unfortunately not. Each attendee needs to be present for for a member of our team to apply their wristband.



\\Can I bring a bag?

We advise only bringing a small, hand held bag, but only if essential. Large bags and rucksacks will not be allowed into the venues, and there will be no provision to store them. 

Please remember that you are responsible for your own belongings, and neither the venues, nor the Glastonbury Calling team members are liable in the case of any loss, or damage to personal items.



\\What are the venue room capabilities?

Each stage has a specific capacity and when this is reached, entry to that stage will be limited to a "one out/one in" system. If you want to see a specific band, please arrive early so you don't miss out.


\\How can I find out stage times?

We'll have a program available on the day listing stage times, as well as posters up at venues, but if you wish to plan in advance, stage times can be found here.



\\I'd like to play at Glastonbury Calling. How can I make that happen?

Glastonbury Calling is an invitation only event. The best way to play future events is to contact GFM directly.



\\I'm interested in covering the festival as press, how do I gain accreditation?

Get in touch with us via the form on the homepage.


\\Where can I find out about last minute changes to the line-up?

#GCalling will be the official hashtag on the day. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for up to date information.



\\What is your underage drinking policy?

Glastonbury Calling operates a zero tolerance policy on underage drinking. If anyone under the age of 18 is found drinking alcohol or attempting to purchase alcohol, or if anyone over the age of 18 is found to be purchasing alcohol for anyone underage, they will be ejected from the festival and have their wristband removed.

\\Is the event disability friendly?

We have tried to make the festival as inclusive as possible. Unfortunately, due to the age and layout of some of the venues used, it is impossible to make every venue totally accessible. 

If you have any concerns about whether a venue you want to visit can accommodate you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with either the venue itself, or one of our team via the CONTACT US form on the homepage, and we will try everything in our power to assist you.

Disabled toilets can be found in the following venues, The Red Brick Building/Bocabar and Tor Leisure, and public toilets can be found at The Abbey car park in the centre of town. Morrisons and Tesco also have disabled toilets which are available for their customers to use.

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