Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Glastonbury Calling 2019 Guide

Hi, welcome to the 2019 planner. This is the place with all of the line ups and times of each venue so you can plan your day out for the Saturday day of the event. Well that’s if you’re like me and really like to know who, when and where you will be watching.


If you’re of the disposition of going with the flow in this guide you can still use this to listen or watch all of the acts to get a flavour of each venue. Glastonbury Calling is in it’s 4th year and we are really pleased with the success of the first three and thanks to you for joining in our event to show off to you some of the established and up and coming acts in the local area. 
We have 6 venues this year and your wristbands will get you into all of these. Just be aware that if there is someone you really want to see please get there early as it’s a multi venue event and we may have to operate a one in one out policy once a venue is full. Please be aware each venue has it’s own individual age restrictions which are dictated by the venue. This year we have Tor Leisure which is a more family oriented venue.

Tickets are on sale at great value for: £18 weekend £20 on the day£8 Friday (opening party with Brandon Block) £10 on the day£12 Saturday (dot to dot music day) £15 on the day tickets are available only for all days online here 


We have a physical outlet for the £12 Saturday tickets at 
Glastonbury Information Centre
Insane Games- Street 
The Venue in Wells. 
This will only be for the Saturday tickets as we have to keep a limit on the Friday ticket sales.


We have festival T-Shirts on sale at the event for £10 


Friday 22nd February 
Tor Leisure

Free PRS for Music Lecture for musicians
We have Claire Rose from PRS for Musicians coming along to do a talk and offer advice for local musicians about licencing, copyright, grants, protecting your music and any questions you may have about claiming money back for the music you make.
We have set this at a time so if you are going to an event later that evening it should fit in with that. 



Line up

Friday 22nd February

Bocabar at The Red Brick Building- Friday DJ Night

•The Red Brick Building Centre (RBBC) is an exciting project on the edge of Glastonbury, which is creating managed and affordable workspace for micro & social enterprises venues for education, arts, events and community support for Glastonbury, Street and surrounding villages.
•The layout and size of this once derelict but remarkable building means that the RBBC has the scope to build a dynamic enterprise and community hub that is responsive to local needs and opportunities. By integrating several strands of activity that have been identified in community consultation and feasibility studies. The core strands are social and enterprise support, arts and community activity, education and training.
•Young people are a key part of the vision, and have been involved and consulted at each stage. Various opportunities will be developed to ensure that our young people are active users of the building.
•The development is being done in the spirit of imagination and collaboration, with a frugal approach, which means combining what this amazing building already offers, with the energy of local people.


Red Brick Building Centre Ltd, Morland Enterprise Park, Morland Road, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9FT

0000-0100 Brandon Block
Brandon has carried a legendary status tag ever since being one the first residents on the Space terrace, Ibiza. His residency alongside Alex P was arguably one of the initial driving forces behind the clubs worldwide notoriety as one of the best places to party.
Brandon’s success and infectious personality lead to a stream of fantastic opportunities throughout the entire music industry. The highlights of this include, hosting one of the highest rated radios shows on Kiss FM (+ spin off compilations albums!); His own show on MTV, Blockos Bits on Rapture TV and a number 3 charting hit under his Blockster moniker with “You should be Dancin”.
Though Brandon has become more discerning over the years, the raw energy his DJ sets bring to dance-floor remains. Musically Brandon has a wealth of experience and is a staunch champion of the funkier end of house. His continued success means Brandon Block is still one of the UK’s most sought-after DJs with his diary generally full up to 6 months in advance!
In addition to his DJ work, Brandon has launched his own specialist international travel DJ bag, The Blox Box and has recently co-produced a record ‘Don’t You Feel Like Love’ with one of the UK’s hottest house music acts, The Hoxton Whores.

2300-0000 2Drunk2Funk
Local DJ 2Drunk2Funk who is storming it at the moment with his remix of God is a DJ which has 600,000 plays on Soundcloud. He has had some fantastic collaborations on the label Deevu Records

2200-2300 Forgive & Forget
From the age of twelve years old Kane Greenhalgh has taught himself how to DJ using digital controllers and many Ella Skins video's on youtube he started to progress very rapidly. 

By fourteen Kane was releasing weekly mixes & local radio station podcasts. After feeling comfortable mixing he began to introduce himself to producing his own music on Ableton & FL Studio.

This soon led to Kane releasing his debut track 'Believe' not only on iTunes but on his own self made record label 'Project House Records'. He made this label to not only release his own music on but to help many local DJs & Producers into releasing there own music.

His aim is to achieve the dream he has always wanted in becoming one of the worlds best DJs & with his high determination & motivation he will never stop until this dream is achieved. 

'Your seeing the start of something
that's going to end up
worldwide with his passion &
desire Kane will never fail - Outcast


2100-2200 Starborn Se7en
Starborn Se7en House of El founder, CEO and DJ.


Saturday 23rd February

Bocabar at The Red Brick Building


2300-2345 Dakar Audio Club
Dakar Audio Club, genre transcending ..A mix of traditional  Malian Blues ,Soukouss , Highlife and Reggae but also modern sounds..  in a nutshell inspired by the sounds you would hear on a crackly transistor radio walking the streets of Dakar , Lagos or Banjul.
Debut Album out now - available on ITUNES /AMAZON /SPOTIFY /BANDCAMP


2145-2230 King Tuts Revenge
King Tuts Revenge are a Ska/Reggae/Punk band from The South-West regularly touring all over the UK with their fat edgy alternative sound that'll make your feet move, your head bang and your bits get all excited.

They always bring their party vibe, making everyone within earshot dance and drink like nutters til they pass out only to wake up the next day unsure of how they got there or quite what that lingering smell is to find that their feet have become bloodied stumps and to see pictures of themselves on the front cover of The Sun naked with Prince Harry.

They've shared stages with the likes of Less Than Jake, Mad Caddies, The Slackers, UB40, Streetlight Manifesto, The King Blues, Bad Manners, Sonic Boom Six, Random Hand, [Spunge], Jesse James, Mouthwash, Sham 69 and many more.

2030-2115 Kangaroo Moon
With such a dynamic pool of musicians to call on, Kangaroo Moon's musical spectrum has widened more than ever with electro squelchy psychedelic funk, ethno celto folk and everything in between getting a look in. The latest edition to the Kangaoo Moon brand is the KANGAROO KYLIE BAND - ceilidh band with dance caller.
Kangaroo Moon weave many strands from world, rock, folk and dance, with acoustic and electronic influences into a funky, psychedelic, heart-lifting wall of sound. Trancy, richly melodic and dancey, listeners experience a sound which unites the body and soul in deep, joyful psychedelia and elemental dance.
Kangaroo Moon have their roots in the music people play and the music people dance with .They've played and danced their way through more than a few permutations of global sound. Well travelled, extensive touring in Australia and Europe, the band has played Glastonbury and Womad several times, as well as Phoenix, Guildford, Mistelbach(Austria)Sfinks(Belgium) Oerol(Netherlands)Maleny & the National Folk(Oz).
The Band have recorded many albums since their roots in 1988. Mark Robson, Matt Ledgar, David Williams and Elliet Mackrell being the originators, the sound has grown with their experience, striving for originality in a business thriving with talent. The sheer commitment and skill involved in wooing an audience to fly. Inspiring and evocative, the celtic-aboriginal /aussie roots meet in rhythm with the spiralling speeds of our millennial inheritance.
The band are augmented on a less regular basis by a host of colourful characters including Thom the World Poet, Tim Wheater 'the mystic flute', formerly of the Eurythmics, Fred Hood, former drummer of the Pretenders and now in Moodswings, along with Northumbrian pipes players, belly dancers, drummers and members of the audience.
Apart from playing live and recording, Kangaroo Moon also spread their music through a workshop that can be adapted to suit children, adults or a combination of both, introducing people to the inspiring effects of rhythm, movement and melody.

1945-2030 Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes
Ant Noel lives in the city of Wells, Somerset. Having been born and raised on the small Channel Island of Jersey, Ant moved to Bristol in 2003, staying for a music degree and ten years of plying his trade as a musician (piano, fiddle, guitar, mandolin & harmonica) and teacher before relocating to the haven of Somerset. Ant spent the past decade releasing three original albums – Hurricane Rising (2010), Under City Lights (2012), The Water’s Line (2014) – and performing in venues across the South West in a variety of roles, some rather kitsch (e.g. ‘cocktail pianist’ for P&O ferries), others more suited to traditional tastes (e.g. session fiddle player, festival performer)
In 2011, Ant formed backing band The Peabody Drakes in order to flesh out the bare bones of his music. The band’s current line-up includes James Stallwood (clarinet), Anneka Johnson (percussion), Alex Pearson (double bass), and Paul Dix (fiddle). Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes perform Ant’s original music which enlists a melting-pot of styles, anything from Classic Rock to Celtic, Klezmer, Americana or Cajun. Often described as lively and upbeat, these are songs of travel, ale and coffee drinking, french love stories and west country rambles!
In 2014, Ant released The Water’s Line to critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing, Somer Valley FM and the Musicians Union who picked the cd as their ‘stand out’ release of the winter that year: “Ant Noel is proving a rising star on stages across the south west and beyond thanks to a winning way with a tune and an intriguing lyric. His third album is packed with melodic twists and he steps out from his folk roots to capture a wider audience with his endearing songs.” (The Musician Magazine)
2018 saw the release of Ant’s newest album Ferryman’s Wake, the first to truly capture a crossover between the worlds of folk and classic rock. With his most personal set of songs to date and a big sound full of epic arrangements, Ant hopes this album will thrill fans of both genres alike.

1830-1915 Sunny & Ed Davidson
Sunny and Ed Davidson are songwriting brothers who share a passion for creating original, conscious roots music which is strongly influenced by reggae, world and folk music. They have collaborated in various projects over the years, including  Dragonsfly and Celtech, and have both played with Avalon Roots at different times. Sunny also toured Europe with Michael Franti in 2016. Between them they have gigged in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Israel, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland. They are now putting their work as songwriters front and centre and are currently working on recording more material.

Assembly Rooms

Throughout the centuries, Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage and learning for people from many different cultures and faiths. Never more so that in the present. Many people come to visit or live in Glastonbury, drawn to this Holy Isle for their own individual purposes, and together forming the widespread spiritual community of Avalon.
The Assembly Rooms is open in outlook, and non-discriminatory by nature. We promote  spiritual, artistic, educational, and cultural activities and encourage people of all faiths and spiritual paths to use our facilities for meetings, meditations, rites of passage and celebrations. Here, the many strands of our different spiritual paths and ways of living meet and continue to inspire.


The Assembly Rooms, High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU


2315-0000 UK:ID
UK:ID are a dynamic high energy live dance band that hail from Glastonbury. They developed their unique style from an array of genres including Dance, Drum and Bass, Rock and Hip-Hop, taking inspiration from modern culture and news to create a positive hard hitting sound.

UK:ID was formed in Stafford while attending Staffs University in 2011, the band gained interest very quickly and were signed to the university indie label Phoenixx Records releasing their debut EP Dole. This was followed up by two more EPs, Bad Looks Good Intentions, and Crooks in 2012. Soon after the release of Crooks the band was touted by Blitz Sports martial art clothing company Bad Breed, and one of their tracks ‘Fallen’, off the Crooks EP, was used as part of their launch campaign which involved a music video and a clothes sponsorship deal for two years. The title track ‘Crooks’ was also included on a playlist for an online video game called APB Reloaded.

“UK:ID’s brilliant Crooks EP is fresh and original” – Rhys Buchanan

Early 2014 UK:ID started a crowd funding campaign to help fund, promote and self release their debut album. After a successful campaign UK:ID gained the required funds and started recording mid 2014, In late 2014 Ella Harris joined the band adding her dynamic soulful voice to an already exciting sounding album. The first single ‘Freedom of Speech’ was released in March 2015 and was positively received, even being supported by BBC Introducing.

‘Freedom of Speech’ Single –

“The result is a truly infectious dancefloor-ready drum and bass anthem that announces the group to the UK scene with a band” – Gigslutz

 “A blistering, high energy, drum and bass meets rock track which also proves politics and music do still mix.” – Louder Than War

The album Freedom of Speech was released in May with the second signal release ‘Something or Nothing’ being released on Vevo officially, from which they were rewarded with a free 500,000 impressions to help promote the video across their platform. The album debuted in the top 50 Electronic album charts on iTunes and ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Something or Nothing’ have racked up 13K and 15K views respectively.

Freedom of Speech Album –

“It’s a triumph.” – Louder Than War

“UK:ID have somehow managed to make these seemingly very different genres work together in a musical harmony.” – Flavourmag

UK:ID have also had success with collaborations, most notably with Killa Kela’s Them and Us and Muzzy. UK:ID were able to officially remix a track from Them and Us, called ‘Icarus’, which was included on the Icarus EP. The remix was added to the Big Bass playlist, one of Japan’s biggest playlists on Spotify amounting to 141K plays, and the track debuted on the MOR Network Youtube channel reaching 4.5K views. UK:ID collaborated with major Drum and Bass producer Muzzy, joining forces to create the track ‘Play’, which features on Muzzy’s F Minor Factory EP which was released by MonsterCat in 2016, it debuted on UKF and has reached 375K views and counting, it also reached an impressive 14 in the Beat Port 100 charts.

In between recording, releases and collaborations, UK:ID have been busy playing live at a host of festivals and venues, including headline shows at London’s Dublin Castle, Baths Moles Club and Southampton’s Talking Heads. In 2016, due to the attention gained from their live shows, UK:ID were given the opportunity to support Scouting For Girls at The Godney Gathering Festival in front of 5000 people, this was followed up in 2017 when UK:ID also won a national competition to support Bastille at The Pilton Party.


2200-2245 Shanley
Shanley is a Glastonbury based producer/musician. Likes to wack smash and bang things..preferably drums.doesn't go down to well on people. Has a unique and original stage performance.


2045-2130 Shoto Daito
Influenced by an eclectic range of music, art and film Shoto-daito look to create muscular, beat driven grooves with off-kilter soundscapes and melodies. We write with an experimental freedom outside of genre expectations and it usually involves plenty of wine. Their main ambition is to continue to write, develop and experiment with their sound but we also want to showcase their music at selected live gigs and festivals around the country. Shoto-daito also proudly feature the unique and hauntingly beautiful artwork of Amy Higgins.


1930-2015 Madcap
Incorporating the electrifying and explosive nature of a true hedonist on a pleasure trip, Madcap is a Bristol based Hip Hop MC whose lyrics of thrill seeking and adrenaline highs soar over punchy, bass-lead beats and hard rock riffs.

Madcap is currently performing throughout the UK, taking his high energy show to the stage with both a 3-piece live band and a scratch DJ / sample pad set.

He has bottled this energy in his recently completed 7 track album The Madcap EP, which he is now performing throughout the UK to build to its coming release.
"Prepare to be rocked from start to finish in every sense of the word." -Wordplay Hip Hop Magazine


1815-1900 Zaranis
A mysterious and wacky local artist who will keep the entire room engaged with his expressions through alternative music using elements of Rap, Rock and more. Zaranis isn't a Rapper, he is an expression of the inner side of us humans who dosn't normally see light, he just uses music to do so.


1700-1745 Kray Z Legz
Kray-z Legz, a UK rapper with spina bifida. 
His debut album was produced by New York's well known hip-hop producer Anno Domini, the autobiographical album is about the rapper's childhood. During this time, Kray-Z Legz had over 30 painful operations. It includes personal lyrics like: "U had to be the man, who had to stand strong. Always stood by my side, Every time time every op."
The 29 year-old wheelchair user comes from Street in Somerset, which is arguably a little less "street" than New York and California where established disabled rappers Four Wheel City and Krip-Hop Nation, can be found.
Music has always been important to Kray-z Legz, aka Mark Humphries, who started playing the violin aged four. In his teens he became known locally as a drum and bass MC, working with acts such as Grooverider, and Drumsound & Bassline Smith.
words from one track: "Still I love u dad, Even now I'm a man. I'm a make things right, take ya hand from the can" Refer to a period of Mark's young...



King Arthur

Community public house, near the bustling high street of Glastonbury. Specialising in real ales, real ciders and live music.


King Arthur, 31-33 Benedict St, Glastonbury BA6 9NB



2215-2300 Phoxjaw
Despite only forming in Summer of 2016, Bristol rockers Phoxjaw have already formed their own distinctive and destructive sound and have played shows across the UK with Black Foxxes, Black Tusk, and Avon. Phoxjaw have just released their new single ‘Lottery’ with a Mexican wrestling themed video that sees the band rocking out in the middle of the ring. This is a band in their infancy who already sound like they’re 4 albums deep and filling rooms worldwide. 
Coming off the back of a UK tour supporting Black Peaks.

2100-2145 Heavy Lungs
Formed in May 2017 in Bristol, through friendship, and a desperate need for artistic and sonic self-expression, Heavy Lungs went on a frenetic spree.
From the first packed out show at Crofters Rights, to recording an EP in 3 days, a raucous set at Simple Things last year, to supporting Idles then Metz. They went onto play outside Bristol home turf across the country and are fresh off a UK tour with brothers, IDLES.
This is the beginning. This is Heavy Lungs.


1945-2030 Idestroy
IDestroy are original and interesting. With their EP, Vanity Loves Me clocking in at just over eleven minutes, it’s a short little number, but don’t let that fool you – it packs a punch. Reminiscent of punk legends The Slits, the perfectly formed melodies and bass lines drive the sound forward allowing the band to concentrate on showcasing their personalities and that vital punk edge. Bec proudly asserts the band’s feelings surrounding their creation, “It was recently described as ‘Party Punk’ – we think this sums it up pretty well.” Indeed, their simple yet perfectly formed concepts are archetypal Punk; loud, lucid and assured.
IDestroy are a honeyed mix of their idols: The Gossip, Beth Ditto and Motorhead. Delightfully chatty, full of energy and obsessed with music, it would seem that now their fame in Bristol has reached a high, that they’re ready to take over the world. Bec giggles, “Getting extra attention for the band is always great! It’s amazing to see people at our shows all over the UK wearing our T Shirts and wanting photos with us.” She continues, determinedly, “We want the to push the band as far as it will go, so it’s cool that the fans are getting excited about us already.”

1830-1915 Emily Breeze
Longtime cult heroine of Bristol’s underground music scene Emily Breeze former frontwoman of Psychedelic Post-Punk outfit Candy Darling, scales new heights with her remarkable new band and batch of songs. Fresh from recording as yet unreleased solo album Rituals produced Bristol luminary Stew Jackson (writer producer for Massive Attack, who has also worked with Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Nick Cave), Breeze and band Rob Norbury (guitar), Andy Sutor (drums) Duncan Fleming (organ), and Graham Dalziel (bass) have performed a string of sold out shows and are gearing up to release their second single “Ego Death” (9/3/19) which has already received airplay from BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson and will be accompanied by a remixes from former Bad Seed Barry Adamson, Retro Futurist improv Titans Modulus III and Giallo Disco deviant Antoni Maiovvi. Drawing influence from Vintage Exotica, Father John Misty, Pulp, David Lynch soundtracks and all the glorious trash and terror of 21st century life on planet earth, this selection of songs conjure suburban comedowns and vast lonely cityscapes glittering with sleazy glamour and populated by serial killers, crazed cult leaders, crushed hopes and high octane romance.

1730-1815 Miss Kill
Miss Kill are Two killer sisters with innocent young minds, morph into a dark, moody 90s grunge persona whenever you see them. They create provoking songs as well as being soulful, with added melodic and raw feels. They aim to be an eye-opener to their audience and are cooler than you'll ever be. They hint at personal aspects within their songs as well as spewing out the heavy explicit sing alongs that you can dive right into.
Alannah Jackson is the immense singer songwriter and guitarist. Along side her band she does her solo acoustic acts at big festivals and open mics. She writes catchy songs with impeccable riffs and her own styled guitar playing. Her songs come from past experiences or are made up on the spot from a loud jam out between the two sisters.
Felicity Jackson is the cool drummer who creates her simple but also loud and striking beats behind her kit. Whilst looking rad she does give off a show on stage by showing off her incredibly crazy and wild styled hitting on her drums which gives off the sound and tone she wants her drums to create for those heavy grunge songs.



1615-1700 Promises Promises
Promises Promises is a three-piece EDM/Pop band focused on movement, energy and the fluidity of sound. The band draws from their diverse pool of musical influences to create a collective sound that is unique and contrasting, whilst remaining marketable within contemporary pop music. While on record, space is left for the synth and vocal hooks to tear through your radio, live they don’t hold back; combining amped-up synths with big guitars and even bigger drum grooves guaranteed to get audiences moving.
Based in Bristol, Promises Promises is a true underground band. They have no record label, no management and do everything themselves. They produce all their music in their bedrooms with nothing more than a laptop and a couple of microphones. At the end of the day, Promises Promises is just four friends who want nothing more than to make music together and share it with the world.

1500-1545 Mooneater
Mooneater Underwater Space Jank from the South West of the UK



Hawthorns Hotel

Hawthorns is a small independently run B&B Hotel with Bar and restaurant. Curries are our speciality, and we host regular, quality acoustic music events.


Hawthorns Hotel, 8 Northload St, Glastonbury BA6 9JJ




2245-2330 Phil Cooper
Phil Cooper is a contemporary singer/songwriter who has earned excellent reviews from the national press, with his thought provoking songwriting and energetic live performances drawing comparisons to Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook and Ben Folds.

During his live shows, he makes a real connection with the crowd, whether it's handing out dozens of egg shakers, or passing around his "doodle book" for the audience to draw in. Every now and then you'll catch him unplugging his guitar and shunning the stage to stand right in among the captivated audience.

He has recently signed a distribution deal with Discovery Records on the strength of his latest album "Thoughts & Observations".

"One to see live, Definitely" - R2 Magazine (May 2016)

"Quite possibly the most brilliant singer-songwriter you don’t know about and shouldn’t miss" - Jamsphere Blog (March 2016)

"If you’re looking for a new singer/songwriter hero to get behind, we couldn’t think of many better to recommend" - Ocelot Magazine (March 2016)


2130-2215 September Son
September Son play original music with influences from country,Americana rock and roll .
The band have their own take on the description of their sound, they call it" Somerset Gospel."
Spencer Cox is the main lyricist, rhythm guitar and lead vocals.
Spencer's songs are in part, stories from life's journey and observations of people and situations.
Ret Warwick is a talented musician with  cool running through his veins, in the band he plays bass guitar and backing vocals.
Ret also collaborates with Spencer on the bands lyrics and song structures.
Shah is September Sons Shining light,Shah brings warmth and depth with his percussion skills and energy from his harmonica playing.
Rob Hayball is the lead guitar player, when Rob  plays you can hear the complexity from  years of being a professional musician  running through his riffs.


2015-2100 Sylvette
Their unique sound has been described as somewhere between Jeff Buckley, The Yardbirds, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin. In just under 3 years as a band they have supported The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, had their single featured in the Q Magazine online and headlined the unsigned night at the 1500 capacity O2 Ritz in Manchester. They have recorded a full length debut LP ‘Waiting In The Bliss’ that was released in the spring of 2018. The artwork for the album was painted by Sylvette Lydia David (Picasso's famous muse) who inspired the band name. Upon release they received radio play on BBC introducing in Somerset, a full feature in the daily express, the track ‘Mars Song’ was featured in Tom Robinson's Fresh Faves and they performed a live acoustic session at the BBC in Bristol as part of their nation wide tour.


1900-1945 Bob Gallie
Originally from the Valleys of South Wales, Bob Gallie started music when in school and learned to play guitar and sing the hard way !! After leaving Wales Bob played in various bands in the South West as a Vocalist. He progressed further to become the Vocalist for Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler in his new band Radio Moscow. After 4 years of performing at major Venue's such as The Marquee and constant gigging, Bob left due to personnel reasons and left the music behind. Time as they say is a great healer and Bob returned to his roots playing Acoustic guitar and learning to sing again and write. Today we find Bob playing Festivals and gigs everywhere and anywhere. Music has never gone away...


1745-1830 Sadie Horler
Sadie Horler is an acoustic Indie-Folk musician from Exeter in Devon.
Since her first live appearance in 2014, Sadie has quickly established herself as a popular act on the Southwest music scene.
The summer of 2017 saw Sadie perform at 14 festivals including Beautiful Days, Sidmouth Folk Week and Wonderfields.
Sadie won the opportunity to open up LemonFest festival in 2017, and Watchet Festival in 2016 after applying for their emerging talent competitions.
BBC introducing in Devon have been a huge support to Sadie and have described her as "Phenomenal" and "One of the finest young female musicians we have discovered".
To date they have played 11 of Sadies self-penned tracks on their show and chosen 3 of her songs as 'Upload Of The Week'.
Sadie has also played live in session and was invited to perform on the BBC Introducing stage at Glas-Denbury Festival last year.
Her track 'Lovelorn' was chosen to be played on BBC Introducing in Devon's 'Best of 2017 show'.
It's not just at festivals that Sadie has been getting noticed, she was invited to perform at The Troubadour in London and at her first Sofar Sounds gig in Bath. 
Her haunting vocals were used in a trailer for channel 5's fantasy epic 'Emerald city', produced by Universal Studios.
Sadie was shortlisted for ‘Best solo Female Artist’ (South West) in the LWM Awards 2017, and has just won the Bridport Folk Festival 'Young Folk Musician Award’.


1630-1715 Hoodoo Blue
Formed in March 2018 by Missy and Jools who used to perform in Somersets alternative rock band 'Missart' and Bristol based 'Treacle Eater'. They wanted to perform and write tracks together again. Jools has a long history of musical performance having played guitar in cajun folk rock band 'K-Passa' and he currently performs alongside Jack Bessant (Reef) in his side project 'The Cheddar Experiment (Ched Ex). This is where he recruited the talents of Oli Lee (Bass) and Pibby (Drums) to join Missy (Vocals) and himself (Guitar) to form Hoodoo Blue. 
Their first gig was supporting Ched Ex Band and this led to performances in venues and festivals across the South West. In October they recorded their debut EP 'Break' in Orchard Recording Studios Somerset, which was then mastered by Matt Colton of Alchemy Studios in London. Their title track 'Break' will be released on January 15th 2019 on all major digital download platforms. With its first airplay on Glastonbury FM. The other tracks 'Lost and Found' and 'Heal the Pain' will follow. A physical copy of their EP will be available to purchase on CD at live events. Please keep checking the events page for live performances.


1515-1600 Maaike Siegerist
Classic jazz, bossa nova, Argentine zamba and gothic influences blend in the jazz and “dark folk” songs Maaike Siegerist writes on her Spanish guitar. Her voice is reminiscent of the American folk singer Joan Baez and Portuguese fado singer Cristina Branco.

Driven by a restless curiosity, Maaike travelled across the globe and lived in China, before recently moving to England to study music. Stories about travels and loves have seeped into her songs, along with a love of the sea that’s instilled in Dutch culture
"Delicate vocal, poised production, gorgeous chord changes"
– Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6
Winner of the Glastonbury FM Songwriting Competition 2018
"A beautiful, haunting melody; a wonderful song"
– Sam Bonham, BBC Intro West



1400-1445 David 9 Lunas
Living in the UK from 4, David a Trinidadian, is mesmerizing audiences round the country.
Having broken his violin at 5 & loosing his clarinet on a bus at 8 the guitar by 10 never left his side apart from when not studying his father broke the guitar with an axe! But David got another! 
Maternal Great Aunt Daisy Voisin toured & recorded in the early 60’s throughout Trinidad & Tobago in the Perang orchestra playing guitar and singing becoming known as “The Mother of Parang “She was explosive, tempestuous, enjoying every moment on stage. 
Clearly David inherited this.
His Father constantly sang in church choirs and around the house, thus his Aunt Daisy and Father had a great influence on David musically. 
Armed with poets and songsmiths from George Orwell to Elliott Smith David developed a distinctive & identifiable sound. Specialising in slide and finger-picking his style is both fluid and forcefully rhythmical with powerful vocal that ranges from lush to gravelly.
In 1990, David charted at No1 in Ireland with band No Sweat, as their lead guitar player/song writer. Managed by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott. David recorded and toured in the US and UK on No Sweat’s debut album by super producer Keith Olsen ,(Tom Petty/ Fleetwood Mac). No Sweat folded. 
David joined B.L.O.W a London trip-rock band from the ashes of Scarborough boy rock band Little Angels after they had heard him sing two year previously!
B.L.O.W sold well their album “Pigs” with David now front man in 1995 that culminated in an MTV interview & acoustic performance reviewed favorably by London’s major music mag Kerrang.
B.L.O.W parted when drummer Mark Rich join the newly formed Skunk Anansie .
David 9 Lunas has been honing his craft, writing and performing extensively throughout the UK/ Europe.


Riflemans Arms

The Riflemans Arms. Live music, good food, great local beer & cider. Always a friendly welcome. The Rifes says, come and say hello.


The Riflemans Arms, 4 Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DB


2245-2330 Sinful Maggie
 Sinful Maggie are based in Poole, Dorset and formed in 2014. Their line up features Charlie Draper (guitar/vocals), Russ Draper (bass/vocals), Briony Ireland (accordion) and Ollie Beaton (drums). Don't label them as a folk, gypsy or celtic punk band, they're straight up punk rock n rollers who just happen to incorporate an accordion into their sound. Their influences include the likes of NOFX, Rancid, SLF, Distillers, The Clash, Dropkick Murphys and Dead Kennedys. 


2130-2215 Billy in the Lowground
Billy In The Lowground (initially called the Brew Band) were formed in 1991 by founder members Chris Hibberd & Ruth Behan, since when they’ve played literally hundreds of gigs all over the UK & Europe. 

Over the years, they’ve played festivals including: Glastonbury, Ashton Court, Trowbridge Pump, Bath festival, Respect in the West, Pontardawe International Folk, Larmer Tree and Off the Tracks, as well as supporting acts as diverse as: John Otway, Shane MacGowan & the Popes, Rock Salt & Nails, Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy, The Men They Couldn't Hang, Oysterband, the Wurzels and Fairport Convention.


2015-2100 Falling Fish
Falling Fish are an up and coming alt rock/indie band from Wiltshire. In a short space of time they have gained a local following and have played in prestigious venues such as Moles in Bath and The Fleece in Bristol. They have also performed at festivals such as Bristol VolksFest and Watchet Music Festival. 
They are known for their energetic live shows which have heavy emphasis on musicianship and crowd interaction creating an immersive live experience. 
The band has a super star line up. Kyle Ashwood (vocals and guitar) recorded his first single at age 9 at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box. He was also a grand finalist in Open Mic UK. 
Tom Smith (Bass) has been playing bass guitar for over 10 years. His technical and melodic bass lines really drive the band and is the glue holding the three piece together. 
Ben Laver (Drums) has been playing professionally since the age of 12. He was also in the top 40 of young drummer of the year 2017 and was also a regional finalist in Yamaha’s “Future Beat” drum competition 2018. 
The band recently won a place on the prestigious M.A.S records developmental scheme. This scheme is designed to help the best young bands the country has to offer. The scheme is patroned by Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and The Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson.


1900-1945 Jonni Slater
Jonni Slater’s music ranges from intimate and heartfelt to uplifting and cinematic, mixing a love of dramatic soundscapes with classic songwriting, with echoes of Peter Gabriel, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and a dash of Portishead. His live sets feature piano and guitar-based songs supported by big synths, drum loops, and ambient sounds. 
In 2018, Jonni released his third EP, "Inversions". He has had airplay on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, and of course Glastonbury FM…
“Slater is onto something special” – 
“plays with the mind and heart while refusing to sit still long enough to be pigeonholed” –


1745-1830 Mary Bateman
Mary Bateman is a traditional folk singer and guitarist based in Wells, Somerset. After having spent some time dabbling in the London open mic arena, soaking up the lengthy Morris traditions and varied folk songs on the Oxford folk scene, and picking up the dockmen's ballads and sea shanties of the Bristol folk circuit, Mary has returned to her home county of Somerset to find out more about the county's rich history of people's song, and to begin work on writing a new collection of songs about the legends of Somerset.
 Stylistically, Mary's music is influenced by the highly-decorated Irish Sean-nós tradition, and Mary's sets often feature tradition folk music from Ireland and Scotland, as well as England and even some American folk songs. Major musical influences include Martin Carthy, Nic Jones, Jackie Oates, Anne Briggs, Niamh Parsons, Paddy and Brigid Tunney, Mary Dillon, Muireann Nic Ambhloaimh, and Karan Casey.


1630-1715 ZZ Birmingham
"a rip-roaring act mixing blues & self-penned material with brass & strings,featuring a rock-solid rhythm section & stunning instrumental skills from members of Bristol's finest, Ushti Baba.
At the fringe ZZ Birmingham and his crew raised the roof of the marquee, with folk without seats standing all around the outside looking in. His gigs become lectures on the Blues, where the audience becomes the backing vocal. Fab times.


1515-1600 Lauren Marie
Lauren Marie is a Singer songwriter from Glastonbury
Combining hard hitting punchy lyrics with her powerful voice and catchy melodies to create a truly unique soulful sound.

1400-1445 That Hidden Promise
That Hidden Promise is a solo eclectic indie act from Blackpool, Lancashire, now based in Somerset. 


1245-1330 Bashema
A jazz influenced soulful songstress with an edgy twist and superb piano skills 
Bashema performs an eclectic mix of music ranging from her own self penned compositions to jazz, blues and pop covers. 
Niece of Jamaican Reggae Legend Keith Hudson and cousin of Acclaimed New York Hip Hop artist Keith "Tryfle" Hudson Jr. Bashema has had a passion for music since she was very young and this shines through in every performance.
She has released a number of Singles and EP’s, ‘Writer’s Block!’ (2009), double single ‘Liberty’ (2010) 'Go with the Flow' with music video (2012) and the latest being her double single 'Tell Her' with music video (2017).
Bashema has appeared on various radio stations and festivals including Glastonbury and even performed for the Jamaican High Commissioner.


Tor Leisure

Tor Sports & Leisure is brought to you by Fusion, a highly experienced sports and leisure organisation. As a registered charity, Fusion reinvests to improve and develop what´s on offer in your community.

Tor Leisure, Street Road, Glastonbury BA6 9EF


2315-0000 Meeking
Soaring vocals sit above a power-house trio of Meeking dishing out alt-rock with nods to Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Eddie Vedder and Incubus.


2200-2245 Square One
Country Fuelled Southern Rock born in the Southwest of England. Square One have forged their sound and merged their influences to create huge stompin' rootsy riffs and songs you can't help but sing. Their live shows are energetic and powerful, bringing an all American party to this side of the pond. Influenced by artists like Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean but inspired by all the classic rock music they grew up listening to Square One's sound packs a punch that'll get you moving.

Formed in 2015, their passion for gigging, writing and recording has led to some huge opportunities for the band. Here are some of their biggest achievements so far.
 2 performances at C2C (Country 2 Country Festival) at the O2 In London
 Festival performances at Watchet Live, Godney Gathering, Welliestock, Buckle & Boots and loads more
 Their first U.K tour in February 2018
 The limited edition copies of their debut album sold out in under 48 hours and it has gone on to receive tens of thousands of streams online
 Album featured in Maverick magazine alongside some of their biggest influences


2045-2130 Some Villians
SOME VILLAINS is the brainchild of Edward Graves (guitar & vocals), originating in London and settling in the South West of England. In 2014 'Loose Generation' presented Graves' vision for a type of rock that contained elegance and poise over pastiche and blues cliches, utilising the 'wall of sound' approach made famous by Phil Spector and Brian Wilson.

Graves' move to within no more than a stones-throw of the Glastonbury Festival site in Somerset coincided with a flurry of activity and the formation of the band's current lineup; Graves, Stuart Donovan (drums), Luke Tozer (guitar) and Jake Beckett (bass).

The music has taken a harder edge. 2016's Lizard Teeth is an expression of 'DIY' ethos not uncommon among punk, rock and experimental precursors. It showcases the band at its most gritty and visceral, with a two-pronged guitar attack that has become a signature of the music. 'Heat Merchant' is a dystopian tale of a maniacal circus ringleader and, perhaps, an allegory for the modern world. Heredity recalls a QOTSA-like swagger while representing a significant breakthrough, receiving airplay on BBC 6 Music.
The second half of 2017 saw the band begin work on their second EP 'Outliers'. Teaming up with producer Joe Marsh, and released in March 2018, the work together has resulted in a cleaner, more focused sound crystallised best in 'Ghosts in the Field', a 'Strokesian' encounter with a colder, more grandiose edge. 'The Skin' is a change of gears, featuring blistering guitars, hard drums, and an exploration of lost love and rejection. 'Burn Me Down' is a jaunt to the dark side with the familiar dual-guitar attack accompanying a head-scratching time signature to induce a pleasing shuffle rhythm, while opening track 'Master Sun' is a trade-off sci-fi romp that encourages hip shaking.
 Some Villains not only draw you in with ideas put down on tape, but also utitlise a relentless live show that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you along for the ride. The band have impressed at headline slots at the Lexington, London, as well as numerous shows at the iconic Fleece in Bristol.
At the end of August they play their highest profile show yet, supporting Liam Gallagher at the 2018 Pilton Party after emerging victorious over 30 other bands, impressing the judging panel that included Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis and numerous members of the festival's organisers.


1930-2115 Stevie and the Masquerades
In 2015, Singer-Songwriter Stevie Nicole Brown brought four fresh acoustic songs to Producer & Musician Matt Bond, with the intention of recording and self producing an EP for Summer. Two years later, and the two young artists are taking the UK Indie festival circuit by storm as Stevie and the Masquerades and released a dazzling synthpop 4 Track EP in November 2017 at The Fleece, Bristol. The duo have crafted their own blend of 80's inspired synth drenched pop, washed with electric guitar, drums and piano and a fresh live show full of melancholy, charisma and energetic head boppers.


1815-1900 Oxygen Thief
It’s been just over four years since the release of Oxygen Thief’s second album, The Half-Life Of Facts, and the world has changed a lot in that time. In fact, a lot has changed since Barry Dolan started the project in Bristol back in 2006, and the 11 tracks of Confusion Species are the sound of him trying to make sense of it all, rather than be overwhelmed, lost and consumed by the sludge and noise of this modern, post-Brexit, post-Trump world.

Oxygen Thief began in 2006. He has supported Frank Turner, Mongol Horde, InMe, Johnny Foreigner, Chris T-T, and Tubelord and is a regular feature at Cheltenham's award-winning 2000 Trees Festival.[1] He first appeared at the festival in 2008.[2] He returned in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014.[3][4] He was featured in the BBC Introducing in Bristol preview of the 2010 festival. His 2011 appearance at the festival was praised for delivering intensity in a serene setting.

2009 saw the release of a three-way split album, entitled Exclamation at Asterisk Hash, which features fellow solo acoustic performers Ben Marwood and Jim Lockey. The album was released on Broken Tail Records. All three artists toured together in support of the release and played together at the Walk the Line Festival in 2009.

A debut full-length album entitled Destroy It Yourself was released on 9 May 2011, also on Broken Tail Records. The album was praised for its intensity, energy and songwriting. He has been interviewed on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 music show and on BBC Introducing in Bristol. He played the 2012 BBC Introducing stage at the T in the Park festival.

Having toured regularly with acts from their roster, Oxygen Thief signed to Xtra Mile Recordings,[19] formed a 3 piece electric line-up, released two EPs and a second full-length album


1700-1745 Pete Izzard
Pete Izzard Solo fingerstyle acoustic guitarist from SouthWest UK.
Writing music to contribute towards making the world a more chilled out place.


1545-1630  Chloe Warren
Chloë Warren is a Somerset based singer songwriter and keyboard player. Specialising in emotivity, Chloë’s songs are driven by metaphorical lyrics, delicate harmonies and a hauntingly unique vocal, challenging themes of spirituality and resurrection, charged by a deep connection with the afterlife. 
Chloë’s releases to date include 2 EP’s and a 12 track album, all of which have been featured by radio stations both locally and nationally. Her tracks “Hereafter”, “Little Boy’s Lies”, “Shadow chasers” and “Beyond the Veil” have also been recognised and aired by BBC Introducing.

1430-1515  John Ross
John Ross, singer, songwriter and guitarist who, since his appearance on the Strummerville Stage at the Glastonbury Festival 2016, has become well established on the Southwest music scene. He has been described as “ambient contemporary acoustic”, with “undertones of Floyd and Peter Gabriel” and “ touches of Celtic psychedelia” . Others say “sometimes his music is just right in your face”, maybe not surprising as John tells us he loves The Clash. Always heart-felt, with a unique guitar style, John Ross is worth catching when you can.

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